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Founded in 2015, SocialPulsar helps businesses engage customers through digital intelligence. SocialPulsar offers a software solution that allows businesses to get more fans, followers and customers through their digital presence.

Why Choose Us?

Social Media Marketing Company San Francisco

Track Your Results

We provide you with an online dashboard where you can track all of your key metrics and see everything that is being said about your business online.

Protect Your Reputation

Monitor the most important review and social media websites 24/7 including review alerts. Respond to reviews and messages while they are fresh.

Social Ideas & Shareable Content

We provide you with engaging content specific to your industry and ideas for giveaways that grow customers.

Grow Your Audience

We can help you optimize your profiles and promote your business across social media websites to get customers that are ready to buy.


Social Media Management

Create new customers with engaging and shareable social media content. Now includes a Banner Ad feature!

Social Contests

Amplify your social marketing with powerful sweepstakes and email list building.

Social Shopping Carts

Create a social shopping cart so your business can sell food or products on social media.

Reputation Monitor

Protect your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer feedback.

Social Deals

Increase new and returning customers with social deals that also builds email lists.

Review Alerts

You will get real-time alerts when someone comments or reviews your business online.

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